Commencement ceremony for master degree recipients in forensic science

19 December 2011 – University Study Center for Forensic Sciences at the University of Split organized the first Commencement Ceremony for 57 masters degree recipients in forensic sciences in the region. The University of Split, which is located in Split, Croatia, offers a master’s degree in forensic science. The University Study Center for Forensic Sciences was established in 2009 by Professors Dragan Primorac and Šimun Anđelinović.

The program, which enrolls about 90 students per academic year, grew significantly after the Homeland War, from 1991 to 1995, when Croatian forensic scientists took active roles in the identification of war victims from mass graves. The program at the University of Split offers courses in crime-scene investigation, forensic chemistry, financial forensic accounting, and molecular biology.

Master’s Commencement Ceremony was held in Split at University Library with the presence of many special guests including  Governor of Split-Dalmatian county Mr. Ante Sanader, Rector of Split University Prof. Ivan Pavić and many others.

Recently, University Study Center for Forensic Sciences from Split Univeristy has established partnership program with The Eberly College of Science at Penn State University as well as with Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Sciences at University of New Haven.

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