Cooperation between the fastest growing African economy and the Republic of Croatia begins

Saturday, July 6th 2013 – During today’s press conference held at Children’s hospital Srebrenjak in Zagreb, cooperation was announced between the Republic of Croatia and Botswana in the fields of education, science and health.

The Republic of Botswana is a key state for the entry into the SADC-a (Southern African Development Community) market which is comprised of 15 countries with the population of approximately 250 million and represents one of the most attractive new global markets.  According to the UN estimates, world’s most developed countries will invest more than 100 billion dollars in the so called Sub-Saharan Africa, including the Republic of Botswana.

The return visit of the Botswana delegation took place after the working visit of the Croatian delegation of entrepreneurs and experts, lead by prof.dr. Dragan Primorac to the Republic of Botswana earlier this year, during which dr. Primorac met with the Botswanian ministers of health, trade and agriculture with the aim of establishing a permanent cooperation in the fields of health, science and economy. During this working visit it was pointed out that Botswana invested approximately 2 billion dollars in the education of its experts in various international institutions. Boro Nogalo thanked prof.dr. Branko Cavrić from the University of Botswana for his efforts in connecting Croatia and Botswana. Prof.dr. Yohana Mashalla, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences University of Botswana gave a brief overview of all the successful meetings conducted during their visit to Croatia. He especially noted the meetings at the Srebrenjak Children’s Hospital visit to the St. Catherine’s Special hospital in Zabok and Genos d.o.o, meetings prof.dr. Gordan Lauc and BICRO representative, meeting at the Ministry of Science Education and Sports, meetings with the rector of the University of Osijek prof.dr. Gordana Kralik, dean of the Medical Faculty of Osijek Aleksandar Včev, meeting with the rector of the University of Split prof.dr. Ivan Pavić, dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Split Dragan Ljutić, meetings with the heads of the forensics department in Split and meeting at the Institute for Public Health in Zagreb.

Prof.dr. Dragan Primorac, dr. sc. Zvonimir Šostar, head of Zagreb’s city office for health and Boro Nogalo, Principal of the Children’s hospital Srebrnjak presented the forms and possibilities of cooperation between the University of Botswana with Croatian education and health institutions in the field of public health. African delegation was particularly interested in opening an African centre of forensic sciences in Gaborone, capital of Botswana. The whole of Africa is facing grave problems in its fight against crime, human trafficking and organ trafficking, identification of victims of recent turmoil and creation of a DNA data base for felons, hence the Botswanian delegation showed great interest in a speedy commencement of founding a University program of forensic sciences in Botswana.  As it was noted at the end of the press conference, the need to include world renowned experts and scientist in Botswana’s education system is significant, especially in the last years of studies on the Faculty of Medicine and it represents a great opportunity for our leading scientists and experts to develop a cooperation with the most developed African economy through scientific and educational support.

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