Prof. Primorac meets with the president of the European Council of Legal Medicine, Prof. Vieira

Prof. Dr. Duarte Nuno Vieira is the president of the key European body for forensic sciences “European Council of Legal Medicine” with members from 34 European countries.

Council takes special care in aligning procedures and legal regulations from the field of forensic science to make sure all procedures relating to this field which are used to discover the perpetrators of criminal offences are synchronized in all member states.

Prof.dr. Vieira is currently the president of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Portugal which operates as a part of the Ministry of Law and he was also the president of the following key forensic institutions such as: International Association of Forensic Sciences, International Academy of Legal Medicine, World Police Medical Officers.

As the representative of the United Nations he travels the world researching the legality of procedures in relation to the persons serving jail time.

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