Dragan Primorac gave a lecture at a congress 'The future of the healthcare industry'

primorac-odrzao-predavanje-na-kongresuDragan Primorac, president of the Board of Trustees – St. Catherine Hospital, a renowned Croatian physician, scientist and world geneticist and forensic scientist, at the Congress  “Future of the healthcare industry” on October 20th 2015, noted the important role of regenerative medicine, which is nowadays one of the biggest challenges of the modern medicine. Personalized medicine, from orthopedics and pain medicine to pharmacogenetics will significantly change the way of treatment, but also the structure of the cost of the treatment. Can you imagine what it will mean for the budget, only the option to cure diabetes and musculoskeletal diseases, and for patients the ability to produce tissue regeneration or vital authorities. A number of products already exist on the market and are giving the expected results. The smart drugs will forever change medicine as far as we know it”, said Dragan Primorac.

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