• Prof.dr. Primorac primio Hans Cho-a čelnika vodeće južnokorejske biomedicinske tvrtke koja se bavi regeneracijom oštećenog hrskavičnog tkivaProfessor Primorac hosted Mr Hans Cho, the head of the leading South Korean biomedical company involved in regeneration of damaged cartilage tissue.

    An increasing number of individuals, for various reasons ranging from ageing and injuries to degenerative disease, experience difficulties with movement or their joints have lost some of their functionality, which primarily occurs due to inability to restore cartilage. In the near future, scientists from South Korea will start a collaboration with health professionals of St. Catherine’s Specialty Hospital in search of a “biological solution” to the problem of regeneration of cartilage tissue using special “matrices” coated with stem cells necessary for the chondrogenesis.


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