A get-together for members and friends of the CRO UNUM and CIBC

A get-together for members and friends of the Croatian CRO UNUM Charity and the Croatian-Israeli Business Club (CIBC) was organized at Plitvice Lakes National Park on Saturday, June 2nd 2012.

It is a traditional meeting point for many dignitaries and noted public figures, entrepreneurs, judges, doctors, professors, deans, rectors and many more. Among other guests, the organizers were happy to see President of the Administrative Court Ante Galić, diplomats, among them Pjer Šimunović, Rector Pero Lučin, Podravka Management Board Member Jorn Pedersen, Prof. Stjepan Orešković, Ante Todorić, Jako Andabak, President of the Croatian Employers’ Association Ivan Miloloža, Prof. Nikica Gabrić, Gojko Ostojić, sports celebrities Franjo Arapović, Zoran Primorac, Veljko Mršić, Ivana Brkljačić, Mate Bulić and many more.

Professor Primorac, president of the Charity, thanked the participants for the joint efforts in the past and looked back on the successes of both the Club and the Charity and their many accomplished projects. A new anthem of the CRO-UNUM Charity, “I love you, Croatia”, composed by renowned Croatian composer Neno Ninčević and performed by Đani Stipaničev had its premiere.

In the course of the rest of the event, the gathered together had an exchange of ideas and information on future projects for delivering assistance and aid to those who need them most.

The aricle from Slobodna Dalmacija, June 4th, 2012:
Predstavljena himna udruge CRO UNUM ‘Volim te, Croatio’

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