Forenzičari iz 40-ak zemalja na Braču

BOL/ZAGREB – ISABS’ 7th conference of forensic, anthropologic and medicinal genetics started today in Bol on the Croatian island of Brač. The conference is organized by International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), Mayo Clinic, and Universities of Rijeka, Split and Osijek. It will end on June 24. Some of the topics addressed by the conference will be genetic foundations of diseases, molecular diagnostics and molecular therapy, while the topics related to forensic sciences include the importance of forensics in fight against crime and international terrorism, the value of DNA analyses and DNA databases in investigations, judicial and law enforcement procedures, analyses of plant and animal DNA in forensic expertise, molecular anthropology, the research in ancestral tracing, DNA identifications of victims in large scale disasters etc. The event is attended by more than 550 participants and lectures will be held by 75 lecturers coming from renowned organizations from 40 countries. The clinical part of the conference will deal with new molecular procedures used for early cancer diagnosis, immunotherapy in cancer treatment as well as new procedures in AIDS treatment and perinatal diagnostics.

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