European Journal of Human Genetics

primorac-nastavio-istrazivanja European Journal of Human Genetics published a scientific paper that reveals the secrets of the Neolithic.

After a group of scientists in the world, including the Minister Dragan Primorac, published many papers on the origin of modern humans (Science 2000th, American Journal of Human Genetics 2004th, Annals of Human Genetics 2005.), Which has been shown that more than 80 percent of European men inherited Y chromosome from their old 25th Palaeolithic ancestors to 40 thousands of years, research has continued in the Neolithic period, which began 10,000 years ago. The team from several countries (Ornela Semino, Peter Underhill, Torroni, Santachiara-Benrecetti, Primorac, Marjanovic) continued to research the prehistoric origins of the people and their views on the impact ponudioje so. Neolithic migration to the “genetic code”, the present population of South East Europe, through the analysis of 1206 subjects from 17 different populations, using a 80-y bialelnih and 12 STR markers. Their work was first given a “molecular genetic” answer to the question: Are the great migration 9000 years ago from the Middle East with them came the first farmers who are actually indigenous to the area then settled or did not even occur the great migration, have already natives gradually learned and continue to spread kultutru necessary for agricultural development through interactions with populations that have had this knowledge. The paper, among others, three key anializirana “Neolithic markers” Y chromosome: |-M423, E-V13 and J-M241 which are historically vez7ani for different regions of Africa, the Middle East and Europe in order to determine possible migration of Neolithic. Among other things, determined that the territory of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and parts of the Balkan Peninsula are the great Neolithic migration occurred, but that the Mesolithic hunter-gatherer (natives) adopted by farmers with agricultural areas of the Middle East, with which the accident or in a small measure came in Contact. This led to the creation of preconditions for the drastic increase of the then population, creation of new settlements and the survival of man. (M.C.)

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