‘Deans are supposed to be skilled managers’

President of the University of New Heaven visits the Campus
Prof. Steven Kaplan, President of the University of New Heaven (UNH) situated on the East Coast of the USA, visited Split Campus as a guest of Prof. Dragan Primorac. They were also hosted by Prof. Ivan Pavić, President of the University and Prof. Branko Grčić, Dean of the Faculty of Economics. They were proud to show their guest – who held a chair in English language and literature – the impressive University Library featuring 18 miles of bookshelves ready to accommodate approximately two and a half million units.
– It’s a very fine Campus you have! Very good job – commended Prof. Kaplan.
– If we were to build it in the USA, it would cost twice as much – he added astounded by the 24 thousand Split students because only “six thousand youngs” are enrolled at his University.
Prof. Kaplan has been President of the UNH for six years now and his first move in the office of the University’s top man was – as he told the President Pavić – to fire all the deans. Namely – he pointed out explaining – “they have been employed for years, yet they have done nothing”. He also added that the deans are supposed to be skilled managers and not only scientists and there is not many of those around.
– The forensic studies programme on the UNH, lead by Prof. Lee and Prof. Palmbach, is one of the three most recognized in the USA – Prof. Primorac said, proud that the two Universities signed an Agreement on cooperation.
Milena Budimir, Slobodna Dalmacija, June 28, 2011. Page 19

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